The fans are speaking loudly at the box office this weekend, as Spider-Man: Homecoming opened with a $50 million Friday, and is predicted to bank $120 million, almost double the box office opening for Amazing Spider-Man ($62m), and demonstrably more than Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91m). If the numbers hold true, Homecoming is on track to a $360, which would be up to $100m higher total gross than either ASM movie – a stark example of audience disfavor over Sony’s previous approach to the character.

Please note these numbers are not adjusted for inflation.

But how does the new film compare to the Raimi era? Well, it looks to edge out the first Raimi film by $5m, but significantly lower than Spider-Man 3 – up to $30 million, and the Raimi films would do even better in that comparison if adjusted for inflation. Remember, even though Spider-Man 3 was a critical disaster, it was still a solid hit, and that opening weekend was definitely built on the backs of the accolades the first two Raimi films received. So really the Raimi Era holds up well so far in comparison to the Marvel Era of Spidey. And both mop the floor with the “Sony Era”!