The Amazing Spider-Game

HeroJournalism considers video game adaptations an important part of comic superhero history, going back to the very first Superman game on the Atari 2600. And we are thrilled about this new footage from the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game – it looks like Spidey may finally have a game matching Batman’s Arkham series! Click below for the 8 minute demo:

“Alas, poor Ripley, we hardly knew you…” – Alien 5 is DEAD!

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised, but definitely sad to see that Neill Blomkamp’s production of Alien 5 (as they’ve called it, but really it’s a sequel to Alien 2), has been officially killed. Really, I think the reason is clear – Fox just doesn’t have the bold kind of vision to have two potentially competing Alien franchises going simultaneously. So once Ridley Scott’s Prometheus/Alien: Covenant prequels got rolling, Blomkamp’s project was dead man, walkin’. It’s definitely a bummer, considering all the Alien movies after 2, it’s too bad we never got that sequel to 2 that we all wanted. Read about it at at the below link:

May Day is here! And HeroJournalism Month begins!

Hello, everyone. After a long time coming, our YouTube channel is officially launching this month, and over the next week or two, this site will slowly come to life, like Frankenstein’s monster after the lightning strike! We’re excited to get some videos out, and to engage with you and hear your feedback. Excelsior!
– The HeroJournalism Team

(Cool) Things to Come

If you are a classic sci-fi fan, you probably recognized the reference in the above title, if not – look it up, you might like it. 4cade here, and we do love referencing classic genre material, but we are even more titillated about our upcoming plans for the website. We’ve been covering pop culture media going back to just after the millennium, working for websites like (now under management by Mania),, and others, covering reporting, columns, and in-depth features. And based in San Diego, HeroJournalism has been covering Comic-Con International since 20001 – a personal highlight was by happenstance meeting Sam Raimi (on his way out of a panel), who was promoting first Spider-Man movie that was due for release the following year. Ah, memories.

But we’ve accumulated a lot of material over the years from our Comic-Con coverage – just a brief rundown of people we’ve interviewed include Marvel big shot Brian Michael Bendis, legendary Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr., V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd, classic Daredevil artist Gene Colan, Marvel and DC writer/editor Marv Wolfman, writers and producers of Fantastic Four 90s cartoon, veteran Marvel writer Tony Isabella, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, legendary Batman writer (and creator of the Joker) Jerry Robinson – we’re sittin’ on a ton of cool stuff that we’ve wanted to publish, and finally have the venue: HeroJournalism. The site had a brief life over a decade ago, and now it’s back, baby.

So we’re anxiously anticipating our upcoming release schedule. Expect a mix of the new and the old – while we dig through our archives for classic and exclusive never-before-scene interviews, including a bombshell here or there. Can you imagine asking the creator of the Joker how he compared the performances of his character, and how he compared Ceasar Romero with Jack Nicholson, and why not Mark Hammil, and best of all – Heath Ledger? HeroJournalism asked that question. And you’ll hear the answer if you stay tuned, true believer!

HeroJournalism – Mission Statement

Welcome to HeroJournalism, where we strive for the most in-depth and incisive analysis of pop culture, including cinema, comic books, television, video games, new media, and even some old media. With a special focus on comic superhero adaptations.

Our goal is to give you high quality journalism and commentary, but also to deliver something you won’t get elsewhere; a different angle to look at the story, or perhaps connecting it to larger perspectives, including societal and historical relevance, or maybe an industry or business viewpoint.

Form, content, story, character, technique, innovation, history, context, design, aesthetics – we do it all here.